Certifications for Allied Health Professionals


Why Get Certified

Here’s why certification makes sense: Many employers require their employees to hold a national certification. Becoming certified increases your earning potential and sets you apart from others when job hunting.

Many large healthcare systems and state medical boards and regulatory bodies name 番茄影视as a preferred certification provider because of AMT’s strong reputation for consistency and quality in certifying allied health professionals.

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3 Simple Steps to Certification

1. Check Eligibility

Not everyone follows the same path in life, so 番茄影视has multiple routes that qualify you for certification. See which eligibility route may be right for you.

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2. Apply

When you meet the eligibility criteria for an 番茄影视certification, you can open an account with 番茄影视and apply. Applications are good for one year, and you need to pass the exam within that calendar year. The application fee includes the cost of processing your application, the certification exam, and your first year of 番茄影视membership benefits.

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3. Get Certified

Once certified, you automatically become a member of the 番茄影视national professional organization and your local state chapter. You’ll receive an official certificate of your professional certification and a digital badge to prove your commitment to excellence. You also earn the right to add your professional credentials after your name.  


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